Stand out of the masses!

The more competitors, the higher the standard must be for an affiliate partner program, in order to stand out from the competition and to create interest among affiliate publishers. This is true even if only a few competitors have started an affiliate partner program so far, because affiliate publishers who are present in such highly competitive niches get a lot of attention and can therefore also rely on remuneration models, in which the risk budget is placed with the advertiser. But affiliate marketing is much more than just launching an affiliate partner program – in the long term, a professional affiliate marketing manager is the driver of success.


The aim is not only to keep up with general market practices and to adapt technical innovations continuously. It is always about growing additional reach and visibility in order to achieve the highest possible sales with the best possible cost-efficiency. Beyond the attractiveness of the commission model, the profiling as an attractive affiliate partner program takes place in the vital areas of partner acquisition, activation and partnership development and can not be fully automated. In this sense, only a professional affiliate marketing manager can develop approaches for program optimization and measures to stand out from the competition.